Products with Production and Application Technologies


Boron Cement

Production of boron modified active belite cement produced with colemanite addition to clinker raw material was developed under the scope of the collaboration made with Turkish Cement Manufacturer Organization, a patent certificate was obtained for the cement and TSE standard coded TS 13353 was issued.  

Properties of the concrete produced with boron modified active belite cement was evaluated under the scope of the project carried out with DSİ-Technical Research and Quality Control Department Head and the project report was published as “BOREN Publication No:”.  Coatings of a concrete highway of 3600 meters and a water channel was built by using boron cement were performed. Performance of the highway was monitored by Directorate General for Highways and the concrete performance of the water channel was monitored by General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works. Our efforts for application of the product in commercial production and public investments are continued. 

Sodium Boron Hydride

Pilot production and synthesis of sodium boron hydride was achieved under the project with title “Sodium Boron Hydride Synthesis and Pilot Production” commenced by TÜBİTAK-MAM Chemical Institute and our Institute in year 2004, however, there has not been any result obtained from the works carried out for commercial production of this product yet. In addition, the effort put by Eti Mine Works General Directorate for establishing a production plant by tendering has remained inconclusive.   

Trimethyl Borate

Synthesis of trimethyl borate was achieved under the scope of the project carried out by Istanbul technical University with support of the Institute and the patent certificate for production technology of the product was obtained. Same product can be produced as a side product during the production of sodium boron hydride.

Battery Fuel

Production of two direct sodium boron hydride fuel battery (DSBH-YP) of 100 Watt and 1 kWatt under the projects carried out under the collaboration of the Institute and TÜBİTAK-MAM Energy Institute, and PEM type fuel battery of 4 kWatt to be used in vehicle application was achieved.  

Studies for adaptation of this product to different applications will be carried out at “BORON TÜBİTAK-MAM Boron and Hydrogen Technologies Centre”, which was founded under the structure of TÜBİTAK-MAM Energy Institute. 

Boron Doped Ceramic

While boron is used in the glazing application of ceramic, studies were carried out for using boron in the structure of the ceramic with the collaboration of Ceramic Research Centre (SAM) and it was found that boron provides an improvement in the durability of ceramic, a decrease in the production temperature and an increase in the production rate. 

Flame Resistive Wooden Plate

Preliminary research and trial production of usage of boron chemicals as flame retardant under the framework of the collaboration between the Institute and Kastamonu Tree Industry. According to B1 and B2 flammability test, the samples were identified to meet the requirements of the class B2, and close to meet the requirements of the class B1.

 Boron Nitride Coatings

Cubic boron nitride coating was developed from hexagonal boron nitride source by using PVD Magnetron Sputtering Production technology. In addition to characterization of the coatings made with a device produced by a national company, positive results were obtained from performance measurements of different applications and particularly cutting tools and moulds.  


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