1702 The first boric acid production on laboratory scale took place in Italy

1830 The first boric acid production took place in Italy

1852 The first commercial boron mine was operated in Chile

1861 The first Ottoman Mine Law

1864 The first commercial boron was produced in California

1865 Operating right of calcium borate, named as pandermite, found in Aziziye/Susurluk region was given to the Compaigne Industrielle Desmazures and the first boron mining activity began in Turkey accordingly, the company established a borax refinery plant in France by using the mine with Turkish origin

1872 The first ulexite ore was discovered in Nevada and California and the production was started

1881 Death Valley Borax reserve was discovered

1885 Borate/ Discovery of the boron reserve in California Beggining of “Twenty Mule Team” years

1887 Operating rights of Aziziye reserve was granted to Compaigne Industrielle des Mazures for 50 years

1887 Sultançayır reserve was put into operation by Charles Hanson & Co.

1887 The Borax Company, founded in England, acquired the majority share of Compaigne Industrielle des Mazures Aziziye reserve.

1899 Borax Consolidated Limited (BCL) company was founded

1899 Fields belonging to Desmazures were bought by BCL

1913 Kramer Boron deposits were found ( During the years of World War I, USA was the leading producer of the world with an annual production of 110.000 tons/year) 

1935 Etibank and MTA was established to carry out the mine exploration and operating activities in Turkey.

1951 Operation of Bigadiç colemanite reserves was started by private companies

1954 BCL founded Turkish Borax Mine Inc. to develop its mining activities in Turkey

1954 Sultançayırı mine was closed down

1958 Etibank produced the first ore from Emet deposits

1959 The ore was exported for the first time in Turkey

1960 Kırka Sodium Borate ore deposits were found by Turkish Borax Mining Inc. and their Turkish partners

1964 The first borax decahydrate plant of Etibank having an annual capacity of 20.000 tons/year was put into operation

1968 The first boric acid plant of Etibank having an annual capacity of 6.000 tons/year was put into operation

1968 All mine exploration and operation rights of Turkish Borax Mining Inc. were transferred to Etibank by the decision of council of ministers

1975 Bandırma Sodium Perborate Plant was put into operation

1978 All mining and operating rights of boron reserves were given to Etibank by the law numbered 2172

1984 Kırka 1st Boron Derivatives Plant was put into operation

1987 Bandırma 2nd Boric Acid Plant was put into operation

1996 Kırka 2nd Borax Pentahydrate Plant was put into operation

2001 Kırka 3rd Borax Pentahydrate Plant was put into operation

2003 National Boron Research Institute (BOREN) was established

2004 Emet Boric Acid Plant was put into operation

2005 1. National Boron Workshop (28-29 April/Ankara)

2006 3. International Boron Symposium (2-4 November/Ankara)

2007 Calcinated Tincal Pilot Plant was put into operation

2008 BOREN received Technology Award from METU Parlar Foundation - 2. National Boron Workshop (17-18 April/Ankara)

2009 4. International Boron Symposium (15-17 October/Eskişehir)

2010 Preparation of Boron Distribution Map of Turkey

2011  17.International Boron Symposium

2012  BOREN Project received Technology Award from Elginkan Foundation


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