Boron Minerals

Hydrogen Borate SASOLITE H3BO3 56,3 It is natural boric acid and it was produced for the first time in Italy.
Sodium Borates TINCAL (BORAX) Na2B4O7.10H2O 36,5 Kırka, USA, Argentina, Bolivia, India
TINCALCONITE  Na2B4O7.5H2O 48,8 It is generally it is used as an accessories.
KERNITE (RASORITE) Na2B4O7.4H2O 51,0 Kernite mines are found in Tincalayu and Blanca regions of Argentina. In addition, they can be found in Turkey, USA and China. 
Sodium-Calcium Borates ULEXITE (BORONATROCALCITE) NaCaB5O9.8H2O 43,0

Ulexite mines are found in Chile, USA, Peru, Sirbia, Bolivia, China and Turkey.


It is found in the boron deposits of Dealt Walley, USA.

Calcium Borates COLEMANITE Ca2B6O11.5H2O 50,8 The largest reserves are found in Turkey.
PANDERMITE (PRICEITE) CaB10O19.7H2O 49,8 It is found in the boron deposits in Peru, Bigadiç and Kırka. (It took its name from Bandirma)
NOBLEITE CaB6O10.4H2O 62,0

They are found in the boron deposits of Dealt Walley, USA.

INYOITE Ca2B6O11.13H2O 37,6

They are found in the boron deposits of Dealt Walley, USA.


They are found in the boron deposits of Dealt Walley, USA.

Calcium Borosilicate DATOLITE CaBSiO4OH 24,9 Datolite deposits are mainly found in the eastern regions of Russia and Kazakhstan.
DANBURITE CaB2Si2O8 28,3 Danbury, Connecticut,USA
HAVLITE Ca4Si2B10O23.5H20 44,5

Bigadiç, Susurluk

Magnesium Borates HYDROBORACITE CaMgB6O11.6H2O 50,5 Hydroboracite formation is found in Argentina together with Colemanite and it is mainly used in ceramic industry. In addition, it is found in Kazakhstan and Turkey.
INDERBORIT CaMgB6O11.11H2O 41,5 Inder Lake,Kazakhstan
ASCHARITE (SZAIBÉLYITE) MgBO2OH 41,4 This mineral formation is mainly used in Kazakhstan and China. 
BORACITE Mg3B7O13Cl 62,2 It is frequently found in Emet, Kırka, Bigadiç borate mines. It is seen with colemanite, ulexite and sometimes Tunelite and Vescite-A.
KURNAKOVITE Mg2B6O11.15H2O 37,3 Inder Lake, Kazakhstan 
INDERITE MgB3O3(OH)5•5(H2O) 37,3 Inder Lake, Kazakhstan 
SUANITE Mg2B2O5 46,3 Suan, North Korea
KOTOITE Mg3B2O6 36,5 Bundjiro Koto (1856-1935)
PINNOITE MgB2O4.3H2O 42,5 Germany and Death Valley, California
Other Borates CAHNITE CaAsBO6.2H2O 11,7 Emet, Kütahya
VONSENITE (Fe,Mg)2FeBO5 10,3 Magnus Vonsen (1879-1954), Riverside, California
LUDWIGITE (Fe,Mg)4Fe2B2O7 17,8  Ernst Ludwig (1842-1915)
TUNELLITE SrB6O10.4H2O 52,9 George Tunnel (1900-1996)
BAKERITE Ca4B4(BO4)(SiO4)3(OH)3•(H2O) 27,9 Death Valley, California
SEARLESITE NaBSi2O5(OH)2 17,0 Searles Lake,Californiya
TEEPLEITE Na2B(OH)4Cl  21,7  John Edgar Teeple (1874-1931), Searles Lake, California

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