About BOREN 

National Boron Research Institute (BOREN) was founded by virtue of the Law no 4865 published in the Official Gazette no 25142 of 18.06.2003 to offer the scientific climate necessary for user researches in a range of fields, collaborate with public and private legal entities processing boron and its derivatives and/or exploring this field to conduct, arrange for the conduct of, coordinate and contribute to scientific researches with a view to ensuring that boron products and technologies are widely employed in Turkey and around the globe, and new boron products are produced and developed. The institute is an affiliate of the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.
The corporate organization of the Institute was initiated when the Head of the Institute and initial Board Members were appointed on December 7, 2003, followed by the start of operations in 2004. The first service building was accommodated by the METU Central laboratory. Since 2007, the Institute has been active in its office, assigned to the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, situated in Ankara at Dumlupınar Bulvarı, No:166 Kat:10 Çankaya. 


To develop new boron products, to yield new areas of use, to ensure the local production of such products in the country in favour of economical and sectoral development with key emphasis in developing competitive boron-based technological solutions and enhancing the potential of boron consumption.


Turning out to be a global player in the development of boron products and technologies as well as sectoral practices.


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