The National Boron Research Institute (BOREN) has been established by the Law No. 4865, dated 4/6/2003, in order to provide the required scientific environment for research of users in different fields, carry out, have others carry out, coordinate and contribute scientific research in cooperation with the public and private law legal persons using boron and its products and/or carrying out research in this field in order to ensure broad use of boron products and technologies and ensure production and development of new boron products. The duties and organization of BOREN, the related institution of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey, have been reorganized in Chapter 48 of the Presidential Decree No. 4, dated 15/7/2018.

BOREN, which started its operations in 2004, served in the department of the Central Laboratory of the Middle East Technical University until 2007. BOREN, which served on the 10th Floor of Block-A of the premises of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, located at Dumlupınar Bulvarı, No: 166 Çankaya-Ankara, moved to its current service building in Block-D in the same premises on 08/07/2019. In addition, BOREN continues its activities in the laboratory and pilot facilities within the organization of the R&D Center, located adjacent to the service building.

BOREN conducts and supports projects and programs in the field of Boron by means of cooperation and coordination with the relevant public and private sector R& D and industrial organizations, conducts scientific publications and activities related to Boron and conducts activities for the commercialization of Boron products. 


In order to increase the economic contribution based on boron in our country, by focusing on developing high value-added boron products and technologies and expanding their usage areas; conducting and supporting R & D activities, converting information into production, providing effective information management and cooperation.


Being a pioneering institution that adds value and innovation to boron.


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