In order to provide the required scientific environment for research of users in different fields, carry out, have others carry out, coordinate and contribute scientific research in cooperation with the public and private law legal persons using boron and its products and/or carrying out research in this field in order to ensure broad use of boron products and technologies and ensure production and development of new boron products and with the belief and conscious of provision of an environment being livable, sustainable and moreover which may be inherited to the future generations and protection of the environment in the best manner in Turkey and in the world; the National Boron Research Institute (BOREN) undertakes:

  • To analyze the current and future stakeholder expectations accurately and to ensure the highest level of satisfaction,
  • To comply with national and international standards and compliance obligations in line with the sector,
  • To be aware of the spirit of being a team and the power of teamwork, achieve the goals and targets of our organization, ensure the full participation of our employees and create the necessary working environment in this direction,
  • To adopt it as our main philosophy is to be open to innovations without compromising quality and to produce continuous improvement and perfect at every point,
  • To prevent pollution at source, minimize wastes, reduce the negative impacts of our activities on the environment with the life cycle approach, provide the necessary human, technology and financial resources for these activities,
  • To reduce natural resource consumption by using natural resources effectively,
  • To continuously improve our integrated management system to improve quality and environmental performance,
  • To prevent risks that cause injury and occupational diseases and to carry out its activities with the principle of zero-fatal accident,

As BOREN, we undertake that this policy will be communicated to all of our employees and caused to be understood.

Assoc. Dr. Abdulkerim YÖRÜKOĞLU

President of the Institute


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