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This is the process of enhancing collaboration in a sustainable and result-oriented manner across the questions of 
BOREN; How can we produce an added value with boron? and how we can contribute to the evolution of the Boron industry? 
The National Boron Research Institute (BOREN) conducts its efforts for implementing the technologies developed through research and technology development actions in collaboration with various public and private sectoral entities under the Incorporation Law no 4865. In this respect, joint actions are taken with prominent organizations such as TÜBİTAK, Eti Maden. 
Under the protocol signed between our Institute and TUBITAK in 2012, a collective call was made to support projects for developing boron-based technologies, whereby support was provided for 9 projects qualified upon the assessment of a total of 104 projects submitted upon the call. Details of such projects supported in consideration of the decisions of the Supreme Board of Science and Technology based on the priorities of development plans are shown in the table. During and at the completion of the project, the expectation is that reference products and know-how are produced. With this protocol, it is intended to make at least one call annually at times to be agreed upon by the parties.

Table 1. Projects Commenced by BOREN-TÜBİTAK Collective Call of Year 2012


Project Manager

Corporation undertaking the project

Project Name



Gazi University

Flame Retardant Boron-Based Cellulosic Tent



Tekpol Technic Polyurethane Ind. Trade CO.

Usage of Boron-Based Flame Retardant Compounds in Polyurethane Materials


Dr. İsmail DUMAN

Istanbul Technical University

Various Fields of Application by means of Three Different Production Techniques, Comparing the Method and Products  


Dr. Mehmet SANKIR

TOBB Economy and Technology University

Manufacturing Cartridge System Deriving High-Kinetic Hydrogen Gas by means of Chemical Hydrides for Electrical Vehicles 


Dr. Mustafa ÇULHA

Yeditepe University

Synthesizing and Functionalizing Boron Nitride Nanotubes by means of New Methods, and Developing New Areas of Use



Bilkent University UNAM Institute of Material Science and Nanotechnology

Synthesizing and Characterizing Boron Nitride (BN)- and Boron-Doped III-Nitride [B(AlGaIn)-N] Thin Film Coatings by means of Plasma-Doped Atomic Layer Coating Method at Low Temperatures, and Electronic/opto-Electronic Device Applications


Dr. Sevda AVCI

Bursa Technical University

Designing and Assessing the Performance of Boron-Doped Sophisticated Na-Ion Batteries



Fatih University

Preparation of Polymer-Boron Nitride (BN) Composite Membranes and Analysis of Thermal, Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics


Dr. Zekai HALICI

Atatürk Üniversity Faculty of Medicine

Role of Boron Nitride and Hydroxyapatite in Treatment of Broken Bones

Table 2. Projects Commenced by BOREN-TÜBİTAK Collective Call of Year 2013


Project Manager

Corporation undertaking the project

Project Name



Turkish Petroleum Refineries Co.

Development of A Hydroprocessing Catalyst Containing Boron and Nano-Boron


Dr. Ayşen YILMAZ

Middle East Technical University

Luminescence Properties of Various Metal Ion Doped Borate Compounds and Investigation of Carboranethiol Films on Metal Surfaces


Dr. Filiz ŞAHİN

Istanbul Technical University

Production and Optimization of Various B4C-Metal Composites by Single-Step Spark Plasma Sintering Method for Ballistic and Nuclear Applications


Dr. Hamit Ö. GÜLSOY

Marmara University

Production of B4C Based Blast Nozzle Via Powder Injection Molding and Enhancing of Their Wear Properties


Dr. Hüseyin ÇİÇEK

Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University

Production of Boron Based Polymeric Structures and Determination of Their Antibacterial Properties


Dr. Hüseyin SÖZERİ

Tübitak National Metrology Institute

Synthesis of Radar Absorbing Materials Using Boron and Their Characterization


Dr. Yücel GENÇER

Gebze Institute of Technology

Production and Characterization of Boride/Metal Composites as an Armor Material

Projects led by our Institute cover studies to employ boron as a flame retardant in the plastic industry. With a view to implementing such studies and extending them throughout the industry, a company capable of producing solutions in consideration of market demands and customer requirements in the field of technical thermoplastic compounds and supplying high-quality plastic raw materials is collaborated with. Through studies run under collaboration, particularly the opportunities for employing colemanite and zinc borate as flame retardant in the industry are explored.

The project for producing Boron Nitride in our countryled by Prof. Dr. Nuran AY in the Technology Development Zone of the Anadolu University was supported, and as the yield of the project, boron nitride of nano size could be produced in pilot scale. Demands of the industry and the researchers are met with boron nitride produced by the company. Furthermore, oil additive was developed by employing nano-size boron nitride produced by the company. A cooperation protocol was signed by and between our Institute and the company with a view to extending the use of boron nitride, and the initial project under such protocol has been initiated at the General Directorate of Eti Mine Works, Bigadiç Directorate of Boron Mining. By means of a gauge attached to the reducer of a grinding mill in the plant, the energy drawn by the mill is measured under oil-additive and no oil-additive cases separately for one month for each case. In both cases, amount of energy used in milling (colemanite/ton) will be determined to reveal the impact of oil additive in energy efficiency. Planning similar practical studies under the protocol is in progress.

With a view to developing solutions to meet the requirements of the Eti General Directorate of Mining Works for ore separation and dressing through domestic technologies, a project titled "Development of an Ore Dressing Machine" has been launched under the cooperation of the Eti General Directorate of Mining Works and the company. The project consists of the phases of concept definition, prototype implementation and pilot application. The initial phase has successfully been completed and the second phase is in progress. While the project is locally run by the company, it is monitored by the Eti General Directorate of Mining Works and the BOREN staff. Thanks to the domestic device to be developed under the project, processing operations in different fields can be performed besides boron ore dressing.


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