The historical milestones of boron in the world and in our country are as follows:


It is known that the Babylonians brought some boron salts from the Far East 4,000 years ago and used them for melting precious goods, that a substance, called as natron and containing borate minerals, was applied during the embalming operations in Egypt and the Chinese and Roman Empires used the boron glasses. The Romans also used the boron for arena cleaning. It is also known that Chinese and Tibetans used boron materials in various fields.
875 It is accepted that the substance that the Arabs made from boron salts for the first time and called as "burak" is the mineral known as borax today .
Beginning of modern boron industry with the introduction of borax from Mongolia to Italy by Marco Polo in the 13th century.


1556 Inclusion of information, in the work titled "Re De Re Metallica" published by Georgius Agricola", on the use of borax in the dissolution of metal oxides (flux).
1702 Laboratory-scale production of boric acid for the first time in Italy.
1771 Sassolite found in hot water springs in Tuscani region of Italy.
1830 The first boric acid production in Italy.
1852 The first commercial boron mine operation in Chile.
1856 The discovery of borate mineral in California.
1861 First Ottoman Mining Law.
1863 Discovery of large amounts of borax minerals in California.
1864 Starting commercial extraction of borax mineral in California.
1865 Grant  of operation right of the calcium borate called "pandermit" in Aziziye / Susurluk district to the company titled Compaigne Industrielle Desmazures, thus start of the first boron mining in Turkey, the company's establishment of a borax refinery plant by using the Turkey origin mineral in France.
1872 Discovery of the first ulexite ore in Nevada and California and the start of production.
1873 Start of boron production on an industrial scale.
1880 Borax production in Nevada and California reached a high level.
1881 Discovery of Death Valley Borax reserve.
1882 First discovery of colemanite mineral in Death Valley Region.
1885 Discovery of Borate / California boron reserve in the beginning of the "Twenty Mule Team" years.
1887- Granting Compaigne Industrielle des Mazures the right to operate Aziziye reserves for a period of 50 years.
- Start-up of Sultançayır reserve by the company titled Charles Hanson & Co.
- The Borax Company, established in the UK, acquired a majority stake in the Compaigne Industrielle des Mazures Aziziye reserve.
1899- Founding of Borax Consolidated Limited (BCL).
- BCL acquisition of Desmazures' sites.


1909: Obtaining the first crystallized boron of 99% purity.
1913 Discovery of Kramer Boron deposits (In the years of the World War I, the US was the world's largest producer of borax with 110,000 t / y).
1935 Establishment of Eti Bank and MTA to conduct mine exploration and operation activities in Turkey.
1950 Discovery of colemanite deposits in the region of Bigadiç.
1951 Starting the operation of Bigadiç Colemanite reserves by the private companies.
1952 Colemanite deposits discovered in Mustafa Kemal Paşa region.
1954 BCL's establishment of Türk Boraks Madencilik A.Ş. with the aim of developing mining operations in Turkey.
1954 The closure of the Sultançayırı mine.
1956- Discovery of Kütahya Emet Colemanite deposits.
- Founding of US Borax.
1958 Production of the first ore from Etibank Emet deposits.
1959 The first iron ore export from Turkey.
1960 Discovery of Kırka Sodium Borate deposits by Türk Boraks Madencilik  A.Ş. and its Turkish partners.
1961 Start-up of the Eskişehir Kırka Borax deposits.
1964 Commissioning of Etibank's first plant with a capacity of 20.000 t / y borax decahydrate (Kırka I. Borax Decahydrate Plant).
1968- Commissioning of Etibank's first boric acid plant (Kırka I. Boric Acid Plant) with a capacity of 6.000 t / y.
- Transfer of all the exploration and operation rights of Türk Boraks Madencilik A.Ş. to Etibank upon the decision of the Council of Ministers.
1975 Commissioning of Bandırma Sodium Perborate Plant.
1976 Grant of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to the US chemist William N. Lipscomb for his studies on boranes.
1978 Grant of mining and operating rights of boron reserves to Etibank (the present General Directorate of Eti Mine Works) under the law numbered 2172.
1979: Grant of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to the American chemist Herbert Charles Brown for his studies on organoboranes.
1984 Commissioning of Kırka I. Boron Derivatives Plant.
1987 Commissioning of Bandırma II Boric Acid Plant.
1996 Commissioning of Kırka II. Borax pentahydrate plant.


2001 Commissioning of Kırka III. Borax pentahydrate plant.
2003 Establishment of the National Boron Research Institute (BOREN).
2004 Commissioning of Emet Boric Acid Plant.
2005 1st National Boron Workshop (April 28-29 / Ankara).
2006.3rd International Boron Symposium (November 2-4/ Ankara).
2007 Commissioning of the Calcined Tincal Pilot Plant.
2008 - BOREN received the METU Parlar Foundation Technology Award
- 2nd National Boron Workshop (April 17-18 / Ankara).
2009 4th International Boron Symposium (October 15-17/ Eskişehir).
2010 Preparation of Boron Distribution Map of Turkey.
2011 Establishment of BOREN R & D Center Laboratory.
2011 Initiation of the Agricultural-Boron Research and Application Program.
2011 17th International Boron Symposium.
2012 BOREN - TÜBİTAK Joint Call Programs Cooperation launched.
2012 BOREN Project received the Elginkan Foundation Technology Award.
2015 Start of BOREN - TSKGV and its Subsidiaries Cooperation.
2016 Journal of BORON started to be published.
2016 Symposium on Boron in International Agriculture-AGROBOR ( November 16-18/ Ankara).
2016 Initiation of the BOREN-MTA Cooperation.
2016 Start to provide Analysis and Testing Service by BOREN.
2018 Transfer of the Hydrogen Technologies Laboratory to BOREN.
2018 BOREN Boron Materials R & D Laboratory established.
2018 Start of BOREN - Health Sciences University Cooperation.
2019 Obtaining the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 Certificates by BOREN.
2019 International Boron Symposium - BORON 2019 (April 17-19 / Nevşehir)


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