Boren R&D Center


An R&D Center has been established within the Institute to carry out basic R&D activities related to boron and to conduct pilot-scale activities on certain subjects. Activities continue by supplying the devices and employing personnel for a definite term within the scope of the project for "Development of BOREN R&D Center Laboratory", started in 2015, in order to reinforce a laboratory infrastructure that supports R&D activities, provides relevant tests and analyzes that can ensure continuity of research on boron, producing information and having the capacity of trained personnel with a competent infrastructure. With the development of the center, in addition to the tests and analyzes required within the scope of our Institute projects, analyses / tests requested by the sectors related to boron are carried out.

The projects below are carried out at the center.

Projects carried out at the R&D Center


Lithium Recovery from Boron Wastes and Economic Evaluation


Establishment of a Pilot Plant for the Production of Barium Metaborate by Ultrasonic Method Using Different Boron Sources


Synthesis of Some Metal Fluoroborates and Determination of Flame Retardant Effects


Development and Application of Boron Doped Impregnating Chemicals


Production and Characterization of Fe, Ni, Co, Cr, Cu Based Boron Doped High Entropy Alloys through Arc Melting


Production of Under 30 Micron Zinc Borate by Ultrasonic Method


Synthesis, Characterization and Cell Applications of Boron Doped Carbon Nanodote (Bkkn-Phase1)


Synthesis of Weak-Coordinated Carborane Anions (CB11H12-, CB11Me12-) and Examination in Recovery of Carbocations, Synthesis of Borane Anions (B11H14- and B10H14) and Testing of Ortho-, Meta-, Para-C2B10H12 Synthesis


Development of Nano-Manganese Oxiborate Synthesis for Energy-Oriented Applications


Boron-Containing Polyol Synthesis with Recyclable Materials


Light and Insulating Shaped Boron Pumice Material Production


Examination of Boron and Fatty Acid Based Polyurethane Synthesis and Properties


Synthesis and Dehydrogenation of Ammonia Borane


Gaining Flame Retardant and Waterproof Properties for Tent Fabrics by Using Boron Compounds


Investigation of the Usability of Boron in Building Materials by Curing Method


Use of Boron Nano and Micro Particle Structures to Improve Fiber / Matrix Interface Properties in Fiber Reinforced Thermoset and Thermoplastic Polymeric Composites (Frpc)


Boron Nitride Fiber Derivation from Derived Borazine-Based Polymers


Characterization and Use of Boron Carbide Doped Powder Mixture in Boron Coating of Steels


Development and Application of Ni-B Nanocomposite Coatings Alternative to Hard Chrome Coating


Development and Inspection of Ultra Hard Boron Nitride Coatings


The Effect of Boron Synthesis Molecules on Wound Healing


Coating of Boron Doped Hydroxyapatite and Tricalcium Phosphate with Alginate / Gelatin Mixture on Titanium Alloy: Examination of Microstructure, Mechanical, In Vitro and In Vivo Properties


A Generic Platform for New Generation Molecular Teranostic Agents: Design and Synthesis


Electrochromic and Organic Light Emitting Diode Applications of Boron-Containing Conjugated Polymers


Development of Boron Hard Coatings with PVD Coating Systems


Establishment and Development of BOREN Biotechnology Laboratory

BOREN Hydrogen Technologies Laboratory

In order to research and develop Boron based hydrogen energy and other hydrogen energy technologies that will contribute to the development of domestic and renewable energy sources in our country and to carry out the necessary studies for the application of the developed technology in the field; the "Hydrogen Technologies Laboratory (HTL)", located in the campus site of our Institute, transferred to EİGM while it was within the organization of the General Directorate of Renewable Energy, repealed by the Protocol signed and put into force on 03.12.2018 between our Institute and General Directorate of Energy Affairs of our Ministry in accordance with the approval of the Ministry dated 20.11.2018 and numbered 2786, has been transferred and allocated to our Institute together with all its rights.  Within the scope of this laboratory, in addition to the project activities related to “Development of Boron Hydrogen Production Systems and Their Use at BOREN Hydrogen Technologies Laboratory”, services are offered to meet test and analysis demands from universities, research institutions and private sectors on hydrogen and fuel cells.


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