Project Phases


Assessment phase

In assessing the project proposals, the following methodology is followed in consideration of BOREN's priorities:

a) For the assessment of the project proposals, management assigns minimum one BOREN specialist and two assessors who are specialized in the theme of the project. The assessors assess the project proposals against the BOREN's project assessment format, and submit their opinion to the Management.

b) The Management builds up a panel composed of specialists for the assessment of project proposals. The panel involves minimum one member to be elected from within the Board together with a Chairman, Group Coordinator and the BOREN specialist acting as the project supervisor. Also minimum two non-BOREN specialists who are specialized in the respective field are assigned to the panel. The BOREN specialist concerned handles the reporting and issuance of the assessment report. The Coordinator finalizes the report before submission to the Chairman.

Supporting phase

Upon the Chairman's suggestion, the Board decides on the support for the project, and mode of the support if appropriate. Projects with a budget exceeding one third of BOREN's budget portion allocated to investments for research may be supported only through the Consent of the Board and the Chairman.

The Management issues the project contract and invites the parties to sign it.

Support for the projects duly resolved and put into force under a contract is subject to the following principles:

a) Goods purchased by BOREN as fixtures under the project support are treated as BOREN's property and debited to public bodies and universities where the project is run throughout the project term. Public bodies prioritize, without charge, BOREN's demands relating to the use of fixtures purchased under the project support and resolved to be returned at the completion of the project.

b) Called and guided projects selected based on designated criteria from public bodies, universities and other real entities acting under them are supported on 100% basis. Amount and mode of the support to be granted for any and all demands for support made by other real or legal entities shall be governed by Board decision upon Chairman's suggestion. Mode of repayment may be cash or otherwise interest out of the sale of product(s) developed within the project. Such condition is explicitly specified in the project contract.

c) The Board may resolve that type of tools and equipment purchased under the project may be changed, new equipment not specified in the project may be procured, and expenses relating to the maintenance and repair of the equipment procured under the project may be borne by BOREN upon justified application of the project coordinator and suggestion of the Chairman. Notwithstanding, matters relating to transfers between the budgetary items of the project should be specified in the contract.

ç) Once the project proposal is accepted, requests for change in individuals involved in the project are submitted by the project coordinator as accompanied with the justification therefor to the Management where final decision is made.

d) If the project coordinator switches to another organization; the coordinator shall submit such change to the Management as accompanied with a written certificate issued by the respective body of the organization confirming that the project may be run in the new organization, the organization will provide the necessary support for the project, and the organization is informed about and comply with the terms and conditions of the project contract. In this case, supplies and devices purchased under the project may be taken to the new organization under the supervision and responsibility of the project coordinator. Practice on this matter is resolved by the Board upon the application of the coordinator.

e) Products and services under called and guided projects are procured by the National Boron Research Institute put into effect by virtue of the Cabinet decision no 2008/14037 of 6/8/2008 in accordance with the Principles for Tenders held under Article 3/f of the Public Procurements Law no 4734. Provisions for product and service procurements covered by industrial subsidies are specified in respective contracts.

Monitoring and supervision phase

Projects supported are monitored and supervised during the implementation phase as follows:

a) Real or legal entities with supported projects submit their progress report to BOREN in line with the BOREN's progress report format on the date specified in the contract.

b) The Management may assign project observers to monitor and supervise the project progress in scientific, technical, administrative and financial terms. Where deemed necessary, the Management may supervise or arrange for the supervision of project actions on site.

c) Necessary changes in the time schedule or budget of projects or changes in work packages that may have implications on them may be introduced upon the Chairman's suggestion and decision of the Board.

ç) Upon the Chairman's suggestion based on the criticality of the project theme and action progress, the Board may;

  • extend the project term by at most fifty percent of the total period. No additional budget is allocated for the extended term.
  • The project budget may be increased by maximum fifty percent.

d) Where the project coordinator needs to be changed or files a request for voluntary quit, the circumstances surrounding the project are reviewed by the Management, whereby the suggestion for either cancelling, withdrawing the project or assigning a new project coordinator is finally decided upon by the Board.

e) If and when the Management's review and audit reveals findings requiring the cancellation of the project during the implementation phase, the Board may decide to terminate the project contract upon the Chairman's suggestion. Any and all products procured as fixture under terminated contracts are handed over to BOREN. Project proposals submitted to BOREN by entities whose contracts have been terminated are excluded from assessment for a period of three years following the termination.


Project finalization phase

The following principles apply in finalizing the projects supported by BOREN:

a) Coordinators of supported projects submit to BOREN their project conclusion report issued in line with BOREN's conclusion report format within two months at the latest following the completion of the project.

b) The assessment report issued by the Management is submitted to the Board for Chairman's decision.

c) Any and all intellectual property produced during or after the execution of BOREN-supported called and guided projects, including works, inventions, industrial designs and technical know-how, are the property of BOREN.

ç) BOREN is automatically entitled to free license upon any and all intellectual property produced during or after the execution of BOREN-supported called and guided projects, including works, inventions, industrial designs and technical know-how. For projects subject to repayment run by private bodies, patent right and enforcement of such rights may be granted to such body subject to specific appropriate provision in the project contract. In case the project yields a work of art covered by Law no 5846 of 5/12/1951 on Intellectual and Art Works, the project coordinator will be obligated to provide BOREN with the simple license covering all financial rights including the rights of processing, reproducing, representing, publishing, broadcasting and distributing as specified in Law no 5846. The income derived from the commercialization by BOREN of the intellectual property right yielded by the project is distributed pari passu among the Institute and inventors subject to the provisions of the Law no 2547 of 4/11/1981 on Higher Education.

d) Right of production for any product yielded by the projects run by private enterprises is granted to that enterprise upon request. If such right is not exercised within three years, BOREN may assign the right of production to another organization without prejudice to the coordinator's right of production. BOREN may claim a certain economic value from the product yielded by the project subject to a specific provision in the project contract.

e) The Management shall transfer fundamental or technological know-how produced in the course of the projects to the Boron Databank led by the Management in line with the guidelines to be issued upon Board decision on principles for confidentiality, and intellectual and industrial property rights within six months following the effective date of the Regulation. 


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