Before You Apply


BOREN priorities:

1) Increasing the potential of widespread use of boron and / or developing technological solutions that will provide competitive advantage based on boron,

2) Developing new boron products, finding new fields of use for existing boron products or producing existing boron products in a way to contribute to the value chain of our country,

3) Development of R & D and technology based on boron to provide measurable economic contribution,

4) Determining the effects of boron on human health and environment.  

Called Project Support System

Since 2013, projects have been started to be supported with the "Called Project Support System" in order to allow selection of appropriate projects in line with the priorities of our Institute.

The "Regulation Regarding the Procedures and Principles Related to BOREN Project Calls" has been put into force to regulate the procedures and principles regarding the creation of project calls and the application, evaluation, monitoring and finalization of the projects to be supported within the scope of the call taking into consideration the decisions of our Board of Directors.

The project calls made by the Institute are announced on the website of the Institute and project applications are not accepted except for these calls. Project applications can be made within the framework of the project call texts to be announced.

Other Projects

Within the scope of competence centers established by our Institute in the scope of its cooperation; sector-oriented projects are developed and / or proposals are evaluated and supported without a calendar limitation within the framework of budget facilities under the supervision of the competence center executive committees.

Within the scope of cooperation programs (such as Agricultural Boron Research and Application Program) established by our Institute, project calls can be arranged depending on the implementation process of the program.

At the Competence (R & D) Center established within BOREN, new projects are developed and / or proposals are evaluated and supported by our Institute.

Who Can Apply

In accordance with Article 5/1 (a) of the Regulation on BOREN Project Support Principles, the project manager must have a doctorate degree or a specialization degree in medicine in the projects proposed by universities to our Institute and the project manager must have completed minimum four-year university license education in the relevant field in the projects proposed by the public institutions and private organizations other than universities.

In accordance with Article 6/1 of the Regulation Regarding the Procedures and Principles Related to BOREN Project Calls;  project application can be made by employees of the relevant organization and other real persons subject to a letter of commitment to the effect that the project may be conducted at the mentioned organizations for carrying out within the organization of the public institutions and authorities, universities and private organizations in the scope of the project call.


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