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    Scientific Leaders

    “BOREN provides solutions delivering benefits to scientific leaders for the sake of enhancing the efficiency and spectrum of scientific studies on boron”

    BOREN prioritizes its collaborations with scientific leaders specialized in their fields.

    BOREN, delivers benefits to scientific leaders through the methods below:

    Project Calls: In line with the Strategic Plan and Technology Plan, BOREN launches project calls directly or in partnership with collaborated organizations at particular times within the scope of programs created so as to facilitate to the selection of projects for developing products and technologies equipped with the potential of particularly commercialization and economic contribution in designated areas and that would eventually extend the use of boron and/or bring about a boron-based competitive edge.

    Competence Centres:  Taking into account the current academic staff, competences, organizational capacity and technical infrastructure, competence centres capable of hosting studies aimed at developing boron-oriented scientific researches, products and technologies with essentially specialized universities and research institutes are being created. In such competence centres, the objectiveis to develop a business model as well as boron products and technologies that would contribute to all scientific communities and industrial organizations involved in this area of expertise, and BORENestablishes a long-term collaboration between relevant bodies/organizations on one side and academic and industrial stakeholders involved in such area of expertise on the other side.

    Commercialization Services: BORENguides scientific leaders throughout the processes of commercializing the successful outputs of scientific studies supported with call programs and competence centres; safeguarding intellectual property rights and presenting them to target industries; and launching business applications. Brings together scientific leaders, industrial representatives and product & service suppliers along the dynamic collaboration concept. Encourages transforming scientific studies into commercial profits and locally producing them.

    Scholarship Programs: The organization is capable of launching scholarship programs aimed at contributing to the process of cultivating the academic human resource and encouraging specialization in specific areas.

    We invite scientific leaders having interest in boron into an interaction with BORENfor introducing our services and actual applications, and exchanging ideas on collaboration