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    Who can apply

    “Directive for National Boron Research Institute Scholarship Program” (Click for directive), the directive for methods and principles on the scholarship program for supporting the development of human resources necessary in the primary fields to be identified in accordance with the obligations and objectives of the Institute, was put into effect by the 16.09.2011 dated and 2011/5 numbered decision of the Board of Managers. 

    A scholarship can be granted to project personnel who are post doctorate or graduate students studying on the project fields and working under the scope of the supported projects. The need for scholarship student shall be defined in the project proposal. Application for scholarship can be made by the project manager during the project term and at least 6 months before the completion of the project. Only one scholarship application is allowed to be made for one project. Turkish Republic citizens and foreigners having residence permit for education or research purposes can benefit from the project personnel scholarship. 

    Monthly scholarship amounts that will be provided for projects during year 2013 are:

    • 1.600,00 TL for masters students, 
    • 1.900,00 TL for doctorate students,
    • 2.350,00 TL for post-doctorate students.