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    Category Other
    Publication Name Presence and Distribution of Lithium in Borate Deposits and Some Recent Lake Waters of Western - Central Turkey
    Published Document Int. Geo. Review 45 177-190
    Type Article
    Publication Year 2004
    Institution Dokuz Eylul University
    Authors Mümtaz Çolak,   Cahit Helvacı,   Hasan Mordoğan,   Y.Erdoğan
    Category Other
    Publication Name Analyses of Boronic Ores and Sludges and Solubilities of Boron Minerals in CO2-saturated Water
    Published Document Res. Conserv. & Recyc. 24 275-283
    Type Article
    Publication Year 1998
    Institution Erciyes University
    Authors Mecit Aksu,   Yüksel ABALI,   A.Demirbaş
    Category Other
    Publication Name The Effect of Boron Containing Frits on The Anorthite Formation Temperature in Kaoline-Wollgstonit Mixtures
    Published Document J. Europian Ceramic Soc. 23 2061-2066
    Type Article
    Publication Year 2003
    Institution Ankara University
    Authors Yüksel Sarıkaya,   B. Baran,   Tülay Alemdaroğlu,   B. İpekoğlu
    Category Other
    Publication Name Dissolution Kinetics Some Borate Minerals in CO2 - Saturated Water
    Published Document Hydrometallurgy 26 255-262
    Type Article
    Publication Year 1991
    Institution Ataturk University
    Authors Mehmet Muhtar Kocakerim,   Mahir Alkan,   Münir Oktay