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    Category Colemanite
    Publication Name Removal of Arsenic From Colemanite Ores by Vacuum Calcination Process
    Published Document Chem. Act. Turc. 9(1) 267-277
    Type Article
    Publication Year 1981
    Institution Istanbul University
    Authors İbrahim Yusufoğlu
    Category Colemanite
    Publication Name A Practical Approach to Solubility of Colemanite Ores
    Published Document Ins. of Min. Met. Trans. 108 C53-C55
    Type Article
    Publication Year 1999
    Institution Istanbul University
    Authors Şafak Gökhan Özkan
    Category Magnesium Diborate
    Publication Name Levitation force at different temperatures and superconducting properties of nano-structured MgB2 superconductors
    Published Document Journal of Alloys and Compounds
    Type Article
    Publication Year 2010
    Institution Karadeniz Technical University
    Authors Ekrem Yanmaz
    Category Waste Treatment
    Publication Name İzotermal Olmayan Koşullar Altında Jips ve Borjipsin Termal Dehidrasyon Kinetikleri
    Published Document Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering
    Type Article
    Publication Year 2004
    Institution Yildiz Technical University
    Authors İffet YAKAR ELBEYLİ,   Sabriye PİŞKİN