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    For human body, boron, which is an important nutrient needed in small amounts, cannot be synthesised by the cells and has to be taken with diet. Boron was thought to have no effect on humans till 1981. With the research made since that time, boron was identified to be an indispensible element for numerous treatments, and contrary to the belief, effective for human development.   

    Boron in the metabolism regulates the balance of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, and also helps the formation of healthy bones and the development of the muscles and brain functions.

    Boron is actively used in osteoporosis treatments, allergic diseases, psychiatry, bone development and arthiritis and menopause treatments. In addition to this, although the method has not been fully validated, boron element is a new prospect in cancer treatments with Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) which eliminates the cancerogenic cells without destroying healthy cells.

    In addition to nutrition, boron element is also in our daily life with detergents and cosmetic products. Some types of boron formulas (sodium perborate etc.) are also seen in the detergent industry, home cleaning, personal care products, industrial bleaching, and antibacterial products. Boron is a preferred element in the cosmetics sector as it provides softness, stickiness and endurance to the products.